Path to Success

Eduoverseas work as a bridge between the universities and international students. We consider each student as special and unique, and advises them as per their aspirations in coherence with their interest, aptitude, skills, knowledge gained in their previous institution and financial situation. Eduoverseas helps students with their applications, coordinating with their chosen Universities for timely submissions of their supporting documents, international deposits and fees. We then assist the student with their study permit and once granted, we also help with the student’s final settlement.

Once a student registers with eduoverseas, our team of counsellors spend generous time to understand her/his educational skills vis-a-vis aims and career choices. They then make a rational assessment and offer accurate, unbiased, comprehensive, objective, timely information, and practical advice on what could be the best options available to the student. The counsellors help students right from this stage to their final integration and assimilation in their country of destination. Eduoverseas has put a lot of effort into training the coordinators so that time is devoted to each student and no one feels rushed. The company lays emphasis on quality and not quantity.

Our goal is simple to help students navigate the often-confusing path of career and college planning and enroll at a college/university or enter a career they love.