University Services:

Universities around the world recognize the importance of internationalizing their campus experience to prepare internationally competitive graduates who are ready to join a globally mobile talent pool.

If your university is keen to diversify your student body and wants to compete more aggressively for the most talented international candidates. We provide a cost-effective approach that will quickly bring you qualified applicants from India.

Your university knows what it has to offer, what type of students will thrive in your community and what mix of disciplines will work to enrich the culture and diversity of your university, and we can assist in broadcasting that message.

When you join Edunial as an international student recruitment partner, our recruitment consultants meet with your staff, tour your campus and explore facilities. This personalized attention ensures that we understand what makes your university unique – the perfect place for select students.

We work closely with you to optimize recruitment, understand your current student needs and manage yield. Our highly trained counselors screen potential candidates and determine the best possible matches for your university and the program for which you are most interested in recruiting.

Reaching Students:

Hundreds of prospective students visit our website every month; hundreds of these qualified students are referred to our university partners. Edunial will represent your university at schools, colleges and conduct school/college connect programs, attend local education events, seminars, roadshows, counselling sessions, ATL/BTL activities, principal and counsellor meet, organize exclusive career days for your university throughout the year. Our trained Edunial counselors also meet face to face with students and their families.

Edunial has a broad network of qualified counselors in more than 4 countries providing professional face-to-face advice in the local language.