UMSA- Most admirable university of Europe

Ukrainian Medical and Stomatological Academy (UMSA) main aim is to work on solving problems of modern medicine and dentistry, the introduction of innovative technologies of diagnostics, treatment and prevention of diseases and improve teaching methods and students knowledge control. based on the decision of the State Accreditation Committee, Ukraine, got its license to train specialists in “Pediatrics” in the year 2007 and started its Faculty of Medicine No:2.

The faculty has 6 departments, which conduct training in physiology, pathology, and intensive care, diseases of infants and adolescents, pediatric surgery and cardiology, pediatric infectious diseases, pediatric immunology, and medical and social rehabilitation etc.

The latest achievements of the faculty are adopting digital technology for teaching and student knowledge control, computer-based and distance learning are used during the educational and pedagogical process. one of the means of students knowledge quality control is the “Online Gradebook”

The faculty has all necessary social and academic conditions for education, housing, healthcare, and nutrition of the students. students also have facilities like gyms, sports arena and every summer academy host health and sports camp for its students.

Faculty has created strong scientific and teaching staff, who aim to teach students to think clinically, to acquaint them with the particulars of diagnostic and treatment of childhood diseases to prepare them for their future profession.