National Aviation University, Kiev (Ukraine)

National Aviation University, Kiev (Ukraine)

About NAU

The National Aviation University is one of the most powerful aviation institutions of higher education in the world, with about 25,000 students, including almost 1,500 foreigners from 55 countries. Over its 85-year history, the National Aviation University has trained more than 200,000 highly qualified specialists. Among them are well-known scientists, heads of airlines, enterprises, organizations and institutions that provide aircraft flights, their maintenance and repair, transportation of passengers and cargo.

The university has established powerful scientific schools in the fields of control, mechanics, electronics, electrical engineering, materials science, computer science and computer engineering.  Our graduates and employees include well-known scientists and designers, military and government officials, production organizers and teachers. The pride of the university is its graduate, outstanding scientist in the field of aviation and cosmonautics, general designer of rocket and space systems, academician Volodymyr Mykolayovych Chelomey. For many years the genius aircraft designer Oleg Antonov fruitfully cooperated with the university. NAU is proud of its graduate, the President of the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Olumuiva Benard Aliu.

Taking into account the national and international recognition of performance and significant contribution to the development of national higher education and science, the Decree of the President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma in September 2000 granted the university the status of a national university.

 The main competitive advantage of the National Aviation University both in Ukraine and in the world educational market is its aviation component. The university trains future pilots, unmanned aerial vehicle operators, specialists in ground maintenance of aircraft and aircraft engines, air traffic controllers and engineers, specialists in airborne equipment and avionics, radio electronics, designers of modern airports, facilities, roads. in air transportation and logistics, specialists in cyber security and systems diagnostics, ecologists, economists, lawyers, psychologists, doctors and specialists in other specialties. Thanks to the international cooperation of NAU with the world’s leading universities, our students can participate in internships and internships abroad, receive double diplomas.

The educational process is provided by a highly qualified scientific and pedagogical team. The university has 1 corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 23 academicians of state branch academies of sciences of Ukraine, 4 academicians and 26 corresponding members of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 17 honored workers of science and technology of Ukraine, 15 honored educators of Ukraine, 3 honored lawyers of Ukraine, 2 Honored Workers of Industry of Ukraine, 1 Honored Economist, 4 Honored Workers of Transport, 1 Honored Inventor, 1 Honored Machine Builder, 1 Honored Metrologist, 2 Honored Workers of Culture, 1 Honored Worker of Social Sphere, 1 Honored Worker of Agriculture, 1 People’s Architect.

Today, the National Aviation University consists of five institutes, ten faculties, the Department of Military Training, six colleges, two lyceums, and the Flight Academy in Kropyvnytskyi. The pearl of the university is one of the largest in Europe Aviation Training Hangar. NAU also has a training airfield and a range of aviation ground equipment, training complexes, educational and scientific aerodynamic complex based on the subsonic wind tunnel TAD-2. The campus of the university is 11 dormitories, a dining room for 1000 seats, an Internet cafe, a student bistro, a medical center equipped with modern diagnostic and treatment equipment, prophylactics, a center of culture and arts with a hall for 1,500 seats, an educational and sports health center. The book fund of the Scientific and Technical Library of NAU is more than 2.6 million copies. 

The activity of our gifted youth and young scientists has been repeatedly awarded by the President of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Committee on State Prizes of Ukraine in the field of science and technology and many charitable foundations.  

Developments of the research and production center of unmanned aerial vehicles “Virazh” NAU are presented at numerous international exhibitions around the world. The center has developed seven types of unmanned aerial systems: from ultra light to those with a payload of up to 70 kg.

Among our partners are the leading aviation enterprises of Ukraine: State Aviation Service, State Space Agency, Antonov, Ukroboronprom, Boryspil International Airport, Kyiv International Airport, Odessa International Airport), UIA, SE “Plant 410 Civil Aviation”. The NAU diploma has been and remains a hallmark of quality and professionalism and is recognized as competitive in many countries around the world.

The motto of the National Aviation University, which largely determines his life, is: live create win

Courses offered in English:
1. Computer Sciences Department:
  Courses Offered:Tuition fees per year UAH
  Computer Engineering:  Computer Systems & Networks  72790  
  Cyber Security:  Cybersecurity Systems & Technologies  72790
Software Engineering78180
  Aircraft & Rocket Engineering:  Aircraft Equipment72790
2. Power Plant Engineering Department:
  Courses Offered:  Tuition fees per year UAH
  Gas Turbine Plants & Compressor Stations72790
3. Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies Department:
  Courses Offered:Tuition fees per year UAH
  Computer-Aided Control Systems & Automatics72790
  Computer-Integrated Technological Processes of Production72790
4. Micro and Nanoelectronics:
  Courses Offered:Tuition fees per year UAH
  Micro and Nanoelectronics Engineering57960
5. Biotechnologies & Biological Engineering:
  Courses Offered:Tuition fees per year UAH
  Pharmaceutical Biotechnology57960
6. Electronics:
  Courses Offered:Tuition fees per year UAH
  Electronics Engineering57690
7. Telecommunication & Radio Engineering:
  Courses Offered:Tuition fees per year UAH
  Telecommunication System & Networks72790
8. Avionics:
  Courses Offered:Tuition fees per year UAH
  Avionics Engineering72790
9. Construction and Civil Engineering:
  Courses Offered:Tuition fees per year UAH
  Construction and Civil Engineering57960
10. Aviation Transport:
  Courses Offered:Tuition fees per year UAH
  Aircraft Maintenance Engineering94360
  Airport Work Technologies and Technical Equipment94360
  Air Traffic Services72790
  Air Navigation Systems72790
  Flight Operation of Aircrafts109190
11. Transport Technologies:
  Courses Offered:Tuition fees per year UAH
  Air Transport Management       67400
  Multi Modal Transport and Logistics67400
12. Management Department:
  Courses Offered:Tuition fees per year UAH
  Logistics Management67400
  Management of Foreign Economic Activity67400
  International Law80880