Ukraine is one of the most preferred destinations for Medical Education among foreign nationals across the globe. Ukrainian Medical degree is recognized all over the world including WHO/MCI/NMC. With Ukrainian Diploma (Degree) one can work in any country after giving a local qualifying exam. Language proficiency is not required. Duration of MBBS in Ukraine is 6 years and the medium of teaching is in English. This degree student gets is equal to Canadian MD.

“The quality education that Ukraine offers is within the reach of every income-group considering the reasonable system that thrives on the value of quality, growth & expertise”

Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy

(UMSA) 1921 Poltava
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UMSA is a 100-year-old government medical university formally it was known as Poltava State Medical University. UMSA enjoys the highest level of accreditation in Europe Level IV. Training medical professionals from foreign countries have always been the top priority and integral part of UMSA’S policy since 1960. Currently, the academy has more than 5000 students including 2200 foreign nationals from over 70 countries. Foreign national are provided training in the field of Medicine (MBBS/MD/MS), Dentistry (BDS/MBS), Nursing, and Pharmacy. After graduating, students are awarded the degree of international standards.

UMSA is committed to solving important problems of modern medicine and dentistry by introducing innovative technologies of diagnostics, treatment, and prevention of diseases, improving teaching methods by implementing the latest technologies, providing students with a quality education. UMSA strives to establish international cooperation. Favorable conditions for foreign students are being created one of the top priorities of UMSA is active integration with other scientific institutions and receiving international grants for our research,  

At UMSA, We are proud that for many years we have managed to keep in our team a lot of outstanding specialists well-known far beyond Ukraine – teachers, scientists of the “old scientific school”, as well as those who continue to follow the age-old traditions of higher education – to make scientific discoveries in medicine and to involve students in their research, as well as to prepare future leading lights of medicine for work at the academy. So, we have people to learn from and what to learn, and most importantly, we should all to work together for the future!

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Since 2002, the Faculty Board and the cycle methodical commission for foreign students training have been working at the academy. Its main functions are the development of methodological foundations for foreign students’ training and control of its quality directly at the departments. Since 2004, students have been trained in English in the specialties of General Medicine and Dentistry.

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The administration of the academy gives priority to the most experienced teachers from among the teaching staff who, using the material and technical base and applying innovative teaching technologies, provide quality education to foreign students.

According to the approved plan, the administration of the Dean’s Office and curators of academic groups carry out activities aimed at observing moral norms of behavior by foreign students in the new socio-cultural space, fostering friendly relations between different ethnic groups and promoting a healthy lifestyle. International students are actively involved in amateur art, sports life and scientific work of the academy. Students of the Faculty of Foreign Students Training have repeatedly won prizes in student scientific conferences with reports in English and Russian.

During the existence of the faculty, about 5,000 doctors have been trained for more than 70 countries, of which 2,526 in the specialty “General Medicine” and 2,474 in the specialty “Dentistry”.


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The faculty of foreign students training has created a proper material and technical base, which fully provides the conditions for training specialists in the specialties “Medicine”, “Dentistry”, “Nursing”, and “Pharmacy”.

A system of computer training and control has been developed on the basis of basic computer classes, each of which has specialized departments. Different types of educational work is also conducted on separate computers of departments.

Modern computer classes and an internet class with the possibility of free high-speed access to the internet has been implemented. the faculty uses modern multimedia learning technologies that are able to make the most of the ways of perceiving information, to bring the conditions created in the lecture hall to the conditions of the future daily activities of the doctor.

Clinical departments, which train foreign students, are located in all regional and city medical institutions of Poltava, the bed stock of which is 6095 beds and about 200 dental chairs, which are used in the educational process and allow to provide practical training of students at the appropriate level.

Clinical departments and medical facilities are equipped with modern diagnostic and treatment equipment, which makes it possible to carry out diagnostics and treatment at a modern level, using modern advances in science.

Lectures and practical classes are conducted with the use of multimedia programs, educational videos, slides, visual aids and with the involvement of thematic patients. a significant role in the organization of educational and methodical work belongs to the library of the academy, which fully provides students with educational, reference, and methodical literature. The library fund is 361922 copies, including 12767 copies of educational literature.

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