Admission Requirements (Invitation Requirements)

For the issuance of an invitation letter from a Ukrainian University after the permission of Ukrainian Ministry of Education, we require the clearly scanned copies of the following documents:

  • Copy of Passport: Data page with Passport number, Full name, Date of Birth.
  • Copy of School leaving certificate: Please send clearly scanned copies of all of the educational certificates or diplomas which can prove the strength of your educational background (Certificate of O level/A level/SSCE/HSSCE/WAEC/NECO/Bachelors/Masters).

(Your documents would be forwarded to the relevant University/College and Ministry of Education, Ukraine to seek their approval to get issue Invitation Letter and Visa Reference Letter)

  • Payment for Invitation and Visa Support Letter: Depending upon the course and university, you will be advised to send a nominal initial payment to start the process. This payment will cover the following charges;
  • Issuance of Invitation and Visa Reference Letter
  • Translation of Passport and Educational Certificates
  • Notary Attestation
  • Insurance Policy
  • Courier Charges to your country’s home/office address.

All Documents should be sent to the following email IDs:

[email protected]

Or through Viber or Whatsapp: +380-63-2970795, +91-9873054418, +91-9873054458

For further information please Contact us